‘X Factor UK’ 2015: Contract Signed? 4th Impact Posted ‘Luckiest Girls’ With Simon Cowell

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

“The X Factor UK” 2015 contestant 4th Impact has posted a group selfie with Simon Cowell on November 18, prompting fans to call on the judge to sign the girls already.

Cowell (Simon Phillip Cowell) is a reality television judge and a record producer.

A lot of people love and hate Simon Cowell in terms of judging an artist’s performance – they hate him for his harsh honesty but love him for the same reason.

Besides being a record producer and a reality television judge, Cowell is also a music talent scout in A&R (Artists and repertoire).

And when “The X Factor UK” 2015 judge sees and praises a talent, it’s no flattery. If they get signed, expect global success.

One of Cowell’s results was One Direction, whom he signed to his own label in 2011. Since then, the British boy band has been globally successful, selling top singles and album charts.

Almost every “X Factor” contestant admires Cowell and for this year’s competition, 4th Impact was one of them. In the girls’ first audition, he asked why they joined the show and they replied it was because of him.

On November 18, 4th Impact posted a photo on their Twitter account, saying how lucky they have been. Referring to the 56-year-old “The X Factor UK” 2015 judge, the sisters said, “.@SimonCowell the man behind all the success of many artists that we idolize.”

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After seeing their favorite contestant together with Cowell, fans began to request him to sign them in already.

Unreality TV cited tweets from the girls’ supporters, with one of them reportedly saying, “Simon not only FINDS talent, he also PROMOTES talent but you are lucky to have found each other.”

“Sign them already @SimonCowell coz we’re dying to buy their album now & then have a world tour pls. Thank you! Much love!” another fan reportedly said.

Little Mix won the show in 2011 and got signed to Cowell’s record label. Although One Direction only placed third in the show, they still landed a record deal with him.

Will Simon Cowell also do the same with 4th Impact? It’s hard to tell since there are other competitors who are as talented as the girls.

However, here’s to hoping the girls’ dreams come true.

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Photo source: Facebook|“The X Factor”

Video source: YouTube user Anthony Ying|“The X Factor UK”

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