‘X Factor UK’ 2015: Max Stone Revealed Why 4th Impact Celina Collapsed: ‘Low Blood Sugar’

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Max Stone has revealed the reason why 4th Impact’s Celina collapsed on Saturday’s episode of “The X Factor UK” 2015. Read on to know why.

After their take on Beyonce’s “Work It Out,” Mylene, Irene, and Almira immediately hugged Celina as she almost passed out on stage.

The show’s host Olly Murs, 31, immediately called for a chair to bring it to Celina. The judges got worried after seeing her looking very dizzy.

Max Stone, who got eliminated per Sunday’s Live Show result, revealed that Celina had “low blood sugar” before their performance. And it was reportedly due to the stress, dehydration, and for not eating properly.

“She got low blood sugar – it was awful. There’s a lot of stress in the competition and that was an eye-opener not just for Celina, but for the rest of the competition,” Max Stone said via Digital Spy.

Stone also said the competition in “The X Factor UK” 2015 was “very tough” when on weekends. In these days, the schedules get very busy where they have to go from place to place.

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Stone revealed weekends make it harder for 4th Impact and for other female contestants because they have to do their own make-up, dressing up, and all the styling they need for the competition.

As a consequence, most of the girls have “less time to eat.”

“So during the day you really have to catch your moment and eat,” Stone said.

Max Stone’s advice was to be always hydrated and eat properly.

Kitty Brucknell, a former contestant the in the reality show on 2011, also shared her experience. In her opinion column at Mirror.co.uk, she said on average they had only about ¾ hours of sleep every night (sleeping at 2 or 3 AM and waking up at 6 AM for rehearsals).

According to Brucknell, it is not a surprise if contestants of “The X Factor UK” 2015 are overworked.

On Sunday, 4th Impact member Celina took to Twitter to thank God for the strength to perform as well as her fans for the prayers.

The sisters were able to advance for the fourth Live Show.

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Photo source: Facebook|“The X Factor”

Video source: YouTube user Anthony Ying|“The X Factor”

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