‘X Factor UK’ 2015: ‘Pinoy Pride’ Affected 4th Impact’s Winning Odds? Lauren Murray Topped 4th Impact

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Lauren Murray has surpassed 4th Impact in “The X Factor UK” 2015 favorites list recently, according to Ladbrokes betting odds. Does it have anything to do with “Pinoy Pride”? Read on to know.

Ladbrokes is an online betting and gaming company who gives betting services for sports and TV specials such as “Strictly Come Dancing” and “The X Factor.”

Although faring well in a bet is not an assurance to win in a race or a show, it could still indicate that a certain contestant has a good chance to win.

Unreality TV cited betting odds by the British-based company and it revealed more people were betting on Lauren Murray to win “The X Factor UK” 2015 than 4th Impact.

Ladbrokes ranked the following contestants who are likely to win the singing competition according to their betting odds:

Louisa Johnson       6/5

Che Chesterman      3/1

Lauren Murray        11/2

4th Impact                  10/1

Anton Stephens       16/1

Max Stone                 16/1

Reggie n Bollie         25/1

Monica Michael       25/1

Mason Noise             33/1

Double elimination caused the drastic betting odds

The betting odds were noted to have changed due to the double elimination implemented since the first Live Shows episode.

An example was Seann Miley Moore who was one of the favorites to win “The X Factor UK” 2015, with betting odds of 4/1 a few weeks ago, but Sunday’s episode revealed a different outcome in which the British public has chosen Mason Noise over Moore.

As shown in the recent betting odds, Louisa Johnson has been consistent in topping Ladbrokes’ ranking. However, Johson’s ranking might change anytime sooner since Che Chesterman’s ranking has also improved quickly.

Ladbrokes’ Alex Donohue said Chesterman is becoming a “threat” to Johnson.

Thanks to her awesome take on “Hold Back the River, it was also unexpected to see Lauren Murray surpassing 4th Impact in Ladbrokes’ ranking.

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“Pinoy Pride” notion not helping 4th Impact?

Besides Murray also being a talented competitor, it seemed another reason is contributing for 4th Impact’s recent ranking. Could it be because of the “Pinoy Pride” notion?

A Facebook user has posted a conversation she overheard during a bus trip somewhere in Britain. Three girls were allegedly praising 4th Impact, who was previously known as 4th Power.

However, the conversation changed its tone when the girls noted on some “online trolls” whose comments were rude. The “online trolls” allegedly annoyed them with statements such as “I’m proud to be Filipino” or “Proud to be Pinoy.”

“Oh oh and there are also some trolls online whose rude and argues non-stop saying ‘4th Power is the best…. They’re going to win… Others don’t stand a chance on winning’ and they actually have the ******* nerve to bashed some other contestants. Can you believe that they even post their nonsense in X Factor’s websites? Like, seriously?” one girl allegedly said.

“Well some Filipinos are not that bad! My mom knows some Filipinos and she said that they are really nice and lovely,” another said.

And what seemed to contribute to 4th Impact’s dwindling chances of winning in “The X Factor UK” 2015 was a statement from one of the girls who said, “I actually want to vote for 4th Power if they make it to the lives but can you imagine those annoying comments from those ignorant trolls that’s going to splash on my screen… It makes me twink twice!”

Does the “Pinoy Pride” notion really had something to do with the recent ranking of 4th Impact? Who knows.

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Photo source: Facebook|“The X Factor”

Video source: YouTube user Anthony Ying|”The X Factor”

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