‘X Factor’ UK 2015: Record Deal Ahead? 4th Impact’s Stay Planned To Make Them Famous In UK

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘X Factor’ UK 2015: Record Deal Ahead? 4th Impact’s Stay Planned To Make Them Famous In UK
Radio presenter Dan has suggested to former “The X Factor” UK 2015 contestant 4th Impact that they should come and have a concert at Fun Kids HQ.

Former “The X Factor” UK 2015 contestant 4th Impact has stayed in London for the foreseeable future as part of the plan to make them famous in the UK.

In an exclusive interview with Hello! Online, Celina, Mylene, Almira, and Irene said they will be spending Christmas in the United Kingdom before the “X Factor” tour.

Additionally, the online magazine reported that the current plan was for the girls to stay in London in order “to make a name for themselves in the UK” and to perform in the tour.

While it was not stated if the girls would sign a record deal in the “foreseeable future,” they seemed excited after the “X Factor” tour.

“We can’t wait for the new beginning after the end of X Factor,” 4th Impact said.

Does this mean a record deal? No one knows since it is yet to be confirmed; so, take it with a grain of salt.

Previous reports have noted the fans of the girls from different parts of the globe allegedly making a petition that called on Simon Cowell and Sony Music to have them signed.

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According to Telly Mix, supporters from Britain, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, New York, and others joined forces to raise their cause for the four little pocket-rockets.

A fan from America also said, “All they need is a FAIR chance of break.”

Speaking of 4th Impact fans (who call themselves Dreamers), it was a shock for them after learning that their favorite girl band has been eliminated from the competition.

Many of them took to their social media accounts to express their dismay. Some have said they don’t want to watch the show anymore while others literally cried.

Although the elimination proved to be painful for the girls also, they were still grateful to Cowell and to the show for giving them a “ride to fame.”

And since their exit, the girls have been visiting different shows and party places for gigs. Recently, they went at G.A.Y. and the Clothes Show to perform their songs in “The X Factor” UK 2015 and to meet their fans.

It seemed the plan is going well. But here’s to hoping that a record deal is really in the works.

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Photo source: Facebook|“The X Factor”

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