‘X Factor UK’ 2015: Simon Cowell On Jennifer Phillips For Wildcard: ‘I’m Kidding’, But Hoped Phillips Returns?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘X Factor UK’ 2015: Simon Cowell On Jennifer Phillips For Wildcard: ‘I’m Kidding’, But Hoped Phillips Returns?
Radio presenter Dan has suggested to former “The X Factor” UK 2015 contestant 4th Impact that they should come and have a concert at Fun Kids HQ.

“The X Factor UK” 2015 judge, Simon Cowell, recently joked on bringing Jennifer Phillips back for the Wildcard. Is there any chance for Phillips to return? Read on to find out more.

Despite having great talent, Phillips did not make it through for the Live Shows.

In a last-minute decision, Cowell admitted he replaced Phillips for Bupsi Brown, Anton Stephens, and Max Stone, saying the three could “fit in with the competition.”

Simon Cowell was aware that millions of fans love Jennifer Phillips and would be happy to see her back in “The X Factor UK” 2015. And on Thursday, he played a little bit through a Wildcard prank, Digital Spy UK reported.

After a countdown where Cheryl Fernandez-Virsini and Nick Grimshaw revealed the contestant to return in the show, Cowell reportedly announced, “Jennifer Phillips!” – shocking Fernandez-Virsini.

Cowell then said, “I’m kidding.”

Rochelle Humes, the show’s host, later revealed Monica Michael to be returning in the competition.

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It might seem to imply that the doors are close for those who did not make it through, but Cowell hoped that Phillips and the other contestants would return, citing Monica Michael as an example.

“I hope some of other people who were close will come back next year because as you can see with Monica now, there is that possibility,” Simon Cowell said.

In a report by Unreality TV, Cowell did want the Wild Card to return in this year’s series, saying he “would do it in a heartbeat.”

However, Cowell said it would need everybody’s approval and not just his decision. Although he had influence over how the show should run, he said it’s not that simple than people may think.

Currently, “The X Factor UK” 2015 has not not made any official announcement on whether the Wild Card series will return. But if ever it does, each judge will be granted to pick one singer or group to return to the Live Shows.

If the Wild Card series does return, will Simon Cowell choose Jennifer Phillips?

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