‘X Factor UK’ Rita Ora Assured Fans, 4th Impact (4th Power) Will Lose Over Louisa Johnson?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘X Factor UK’ Rita Ora Assured Fans, 4th Impact (4th Power) Will Lose Over Louisa Johnson?

“X Factor UK” judge, Rita Ora thinks Cheryl Fernandez-Versini 4th Impact (4th Power) will lose over her girls? Louisa Johnson and Lauren Murray a sure thing? Read On!

We all know who 4th Impact is and how powerful their voices and even their performances are but for Rita Ora, there’s no competition going on as she made a bold declaration as she says Louisa Johnson and Lauren Murray will sure be part of the finals!

According to Unreality TV, the “Body On Me” singer has made a comment about her two remaining girls in the competition—Johnson and Murray, and based on her words, it clearly sounds like she’s more than confident that her team will lead the finals.

Ora sounds to be not so pressured over the fact that her two girls need to surpass the performances from Nick Grimshaw’s two remaining singers and to Versini’s two band which includes the four Filipino sisters who’ve already captured the hearts of the global audience from the very start.

However, the site noted that Ora thinks that her girls are the best among the rest! And they can totally smash the remaining contestants bit by bit!


In her interview with Alan Carr’s “Chatty Man” episode on Channel 4, Ora expressed her opinion about her girls, Johnson and Murray. Unreality TV pointed out that Ora reckons that these women are the “two of the strongest singers to have ever graced “The X Factor” stage.”

Ora went on to say that she’s confident enough that her two lovely girls will make it through the finals which are only a few weeks from now!

When Carr asked the British singer and actress who would be her girls biggest competition on the show and who she thinks they need to beat, Ora simply answered it with confidence by saying, “I don’t think we have any competition. Is that cocky to say?”

She added that she thinks Johnson and Murray are her two finalists, though they are total opposites, they have that voices that she never heard on the singing competition!

“I think for me, I’m really happy who we have ended up with,” Ora told Carr.


On the other hand, Louisa Johnson, Lauren Murray, Che Chesterman, Reggie N’ Bollie and 4th Impact were the ones who were able to get passed to the final 5 and in the upcoming episode, The National reported that “the producers are asking Twitter users to choose” the remaining five contestants’ songs from the a shortlist.

Well, find out what will be their songs in their upcoming performances this coming Sunday!

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