The X-Files Season 11 Set to Air in 2018; Possible Returning Of Mitch Pileggi

By Chan Lasan | 11 months ago
The X-Files Season 11 Set to Air in 2018; Possible Returning Of Mitch Pileggi
The X-Files

There has never been any doubt that The X-Files will return for another season. No conspiracy theory or alien abduction can cover up that truth. But the key question is when will the series return?

The X-Files season 10 was an event long in the making. The highly-anticipated series returned in January and got favorable ratings. Unfortunately, the season turned out to be a lackluster one, as the show tried to reveal as much as it can in a span of a few measly episodes.

However, that hasn’t stopped fans from clamoring for another, hopefully longer, season. And based on a GameNGuide report, season 11 is pretty much a foregone conclusion. Now all that is needed for production to begin is getting green light from star Gillian Anderson.

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The X-Files
The X-Files

The Truth Is Out There For X-Files Fans

Anderson, who plays the pragmatic Dana Scully to David Duchovny’s Fox Mulder, has several ongoing projects at the moment. The Hannibal actress is set to return in The Fall and will also be seen in Bryan Fuller’s American Gods. Anderson has also recently wrapped up work in two movies that will hit theaters in 2017.

Another thing that is reportedly causing scheduling conflict is the show’s location. While The X-Files has always been shot in Vancouver, its stars live in other countries. Duchovny is based in New York while Anderson resides in the UK.

But there’s still a silver lining in this conflict. Duchovny, Anderson and show creator Chris Carter have all expressed their willingness to do another season. More importantly, Mitch Pileggi is said to be returning as Walter Skinner.

The then-FBI Assistant Director has been pivotal in Mulder and Scully’s journey. Despite Skinner often making things hard for the duo, there is no doubt that he always had their backs. His inclusion in season 11 is something that any die-hard fan of The X-Files will be celebrating.

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