‘X Files’ Will Return on Fox, Assures Chris Carter

By Eileen De Santos | 2 years ago
‘X Files’ Will Return on Fox, Assures Chris Carter
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“X-Files” season ten ended in a major cliffhanger on Feb. 22.

This is the reason why Fox will want ask more episodes according to creator Chris Carter as reported by IGN. The latest season of the “X-Files” is the shortest so far, having only 6 episodes.

Carter is also happy to note that viewers’ response to the show has been positive, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This is quite amazing considering there is a 14-year-gap between Season 9 and 10.

X-Files is a sci-fi television series that first premiered way back in 1993. The story featured two FBI agents assigned to cases deemed too weird and unexplained by the Bureau.

Special agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) believes that they are aliens and strange beings among us. Mulder’s partner, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) believes that everything has a rational explanation. The show gained a cult-like following in its early years. Fox, however, has decided to end the series in 2002.

More than a decade has passed since the last “X-Files” episode was shown. But Mulder and Scully can still count on its legions of fans. The latest “X-Files” film released on 2008 is proof of that.

Carter made sure that season 10 will be open-ended. However, it was only after the fourth episode that the ending was finalized. The ending scene showed a UFO and an impression that two are being abducted by aliens.

Carter also said that it has been the tradition of the “X-Files” series to end in cliffhangers. It will also likely convince FOX CEO, Dana Walden, to authorize another season for the show.

The series creator is confident of another season. However, he has no idea as to when the TV network will give him his marching orders. Fans are hoping to that they don’t have to wait for a decade or more for the next season of “X-Files.”



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