‘X-Men Apocalypse’: Focus On Romance Between Magneto And Mystique; Magneto Dies?

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘X-Men Apocalypse’: Focus On Romance Between  Magneto And Mystique; Magneto Dies?

We surely do not know what is ahead of us with the movie “X-men: Apocalypse” but one thing is confirmed by the film director Bryan singer. That is, Michael Fassbender will be playing a big part in the movie. This actor also known for his character as Magneto is expected to be seen in emotional moments and the director hopes that there will be a cut from it.

It would not be typical for an antagonist like Magneto to be in such, but I guess the film will not tackle more from what his self desires and ambition and be more vulnerable about how he feels in different realizations of his life. The director revealed that the actor once requested not to call a cut at the end of the scene because when it was over, the latter did something that made him cry in the tent, Parent Herald reported.


Singer said that he has not done it before and he expressed how heartbreaking the scene was. Quoting not a typical comic book movie scene at all, so let’s hope it makes the cut,”.  He hugged the actor after that and when he was requested to do it all over again, impact was still freaking awesome.


Well you might as well be stoked now because being not interested means you don’t look forward for this movie and miss half of your life with the updates! Rumors have spread that this apocalyptic title is all about the death of many. I guess the reality of life applies to the superheroes now, death is imminent. Also, emotional scene from Mystique and Magneto is expected.

Speculations of the fans that Quicksilver (Magneto’s Son) will take over in the next “Xmen” sequels have arise because of the possible settlement in their paternal relationship in this movie, Movie plot reported.

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