X-Men: Dark Phoenix Leaked Audition Tape Hints Introduction Of Classic Marvel Aliens

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
X-Men: Dark Phoenix Leaked Audition Tape Hints Introduction Of Classic Marvel Aliens
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Twentieth Century Fox is taking its chances with the Dark Phoenix Saga once again but, this time around, with the intention of getting it right. It looks like the upcoming movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be a little more accurate to the comic book source if leaked information is to be believed.

The Marvel Cosmic Universe

Space is the next frontier for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, from the looks of it, Fox’s X-Men franchise will do the same. Now that the studio will tackle the Dark Phoenix, a comic book arc that involves a cosmic entity, characters who come from outer space might be getting introduced to the big screen for the first time.

The publication Omega Underground got a hold of an audition tape which shows Toby Huss of Halt and Catch Fire. He supposedly read for the role of a bureaucrat/recon agent named Hoover.

The site thinks that Huss’ character might be working for the government of Genosha, an island that was famous for using mutants as slaves. The first tape talked about learning languages and there was a mention of “primitive people” which led to the belief that Hoover was in a conversation with an alien.

However, as the report pointed out, “The cadence in his voice suggests a foreign or alien nature to his character, as the person he talks to seemingly is unaware of the United States and maybe even humans.” It is also possible that, because the upcoming movie will revolve around Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force, Fox might be expanding the mutant universe to involve cosmic entities like the Shi’ar, an alien race that played a role in the Dark Phoenix Saga.

In the second tape, there was another character named “Manning.”

The tapes are available here and here. “Teen Spirit” is X-Men: Dark Phoenix‘s working title.

The Shi’ar Empire

The Shi’ar inhabit a massive intergalactic empire that consists of many different planets and races situated near Skrull and Kree Empires. The bird-like creatures are famous for their breed of elite, superpowered warriors called Imperial Guard led by Gladiator.

According to Marvel Wiki, the Imperial Guard was created to stop Rook’Shir, a Shi’ar who became the host of the Phoenix Force. So when the genocidal cosmic entity possessed Jean Grey, they went for an offensive with an aim to end its threat once and for all.

That said, if the Shi’ar Empire will be introduced in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, fans can expect a massive battle between Professor Charles Xavier’s mutants and the Imperial Guard. Fox is yet to detail how accurately the studio will adapt the comic book arc. The previous X-Men: Apocalypse already hinted at Jean Grey’s (Sophie Turner) increasingly more powerful abilities. However, there was no hint that a cosmic entity has possessed her body (or even exists).

Considering the disaster that was X-Men: The Last Stand which was later retconned in X-Men: Days of the Future Past, a little faithfulness to the source is definitely welcomed.

More Leaked Tapes

During tests, teachers always had to watch out for Rogue touching the smartest kid in class. #XMen #X2 #TBT

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Earlier this year, the same site obtained audition tapes for more new characters, including for one simply named “Marie.” While the name is probably a placeholder, it should be noted that Marie is also the name of one popular mutant who fans know as Rogue.

Christened Marie D’Ancanto at birth, Rogue has the ability to absorb the powers and memories of any person she touches. The role was previously played by Anna Paquin. However, the leaked audition tapes show Canadian-American actor Alexa Swinton reading for the role of Marie.

It will not be surprising to see a younger version of Rogue in the upcoming movie. The rebooted franchise has reintroduced Jean Grey, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and others who were portrayed by different actors in the past.

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