This X-Men Star Just Compared His Iconic Role To Other Roles

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This X-Men Star Just Compared His Iconic Role To Other Roles
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Hugh Jackman made a name for himself with his portrayal of Wolverine in the X-Men Cinematic Universe. His portrayal was so brilliant that it left many fans disheartened when he decided to hang up his claws. Jackman recently spoke about his Wolverine portrayal and gave an insight about it.

Jackman Talks About Wolverine

Screen Rant reported that Jackman recently got down to talking about his iconic role. He said something that not every fan of the character might want to hear.

He believes and is confident that some other actor will end up becoming Wolverine in near future. He also confirmed that there are no plans for him to come back to his iconic role but feels sure that another actor will be able to carry the legacy forward.

He even compared the role of Wolverine to James Bond and Batman. These are some of the roles that tend to go on with multiple actors playing them. If Jackman is to be believed, Wolverine is just like 007 and the Dark Knight.

Sooner or later, some other actor will surely play the clawed mutant. Ever since it was announced that Logan would be Jackman’s final movie, fans waited patiently for the movie to release. His final portrayal was beyond expectations as it went on to become this year’s one of the most successful superhero movies.

Potential replacements

Talking about Jackman’s replacement would be a crime in itself. Fans have not come aboard with the idea of watching another actor play the clawed mutant. Still, there are some choices that have convinced fans to some extent.

Just a while back, Inception star Tom Hardy was being considered an ideal replacement for Jackman. Jackman himself considered Hardy to be a good choice.

But with Hardy now playing Venom in Sony’s Spider-Man universe, it seems he might not make it as Wolverine. Other than him, Charlie Hunnam has also been considered a good choice but there are rumors of him being eyed as Green Arrow for DCEU.

If the makers have a plan to perhaps bring another version of Wolverine or maybe his son in the XCU than Vikings star and fellow Australian Travis Fimmel would be a good choice according to some fan-casts. 

Jackman’s career as Wolverine

Jackman first started playing the clawed mutant in the year 2000. The role proved to be his breakthrough role because he continued playing that character till 2017.

In almost two decades of playing the character, fans were so enamored with his portrayal that they even started a campaign so that he would continue playing the superhero.

After the Patrick Stewart led trilogy, Jackman really grew into the role when his character got a spin-off of his own. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was the beginning of another trilogy in the XCU but it centered only on his character.

The Wolverine followed it as it covered some of the mutant’s past. Finally, the last movie Logan aimed at appropriately ending Wolverine’s story and giving his journey of almost two decades a perfect closure.

Before the Wolverine trilogy ended, Jackman had in a way immortalized himself in the role, as fans believe he is one of the irreplaceable actors.

Future of Wolverine in XCU

Some fans might be concerned about Wolverine’s future in the XCU but it seems the makers have something in mind. With Logan, XCU introduced his female clone/daughter Laura aka X-23 in the mix.

She has the same powers as her father and was also seen in action in the movie. Given what Logan said to his daughter before dying, it seems she will be the one who will carry his legacy forward and become the next Wolverine.

Also since X-Force is being planned for future, Cable can recruit a grown up X-23 in the movie who has also been a major part of the team in the comics. It remains to be seen when does Wolverine pop back up in XCU.


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