‘X-Men’ Star Michael Fassbender Reveals Updates on ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Movie Adaptation

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
‘X-Men’ Star Michael Fassbender Reveals Updates on ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Movie Adaptation

X-Men star Michael Fassbender reveals his continuous involvement in the upcoming movie adaptation of the hit Ubisoft game “Assassin’s Creed.” He will star and produce the film. Read further for the details.

When it comes to adapting video games and turning them into feature films, it’s almost always guaranteed that the movie will be an absolute flop.  Michael Fassbender, the actor who gave life to the younger version of “X – Men: First Class‘” Magneto, finally puts a stop into the rumors.  To put things in more positive effects, he confirms to IGN that he is definitely taking the reins for the film as the main actor and  producer of the movie adaptation

“Nothing has changed, yeah. I’m still a part of Assassin’s Creed, and we’re working on the script as we speak. Actually, I’m going to go back and see the writers when I get back to Europe,” said Fassbender on his interview with IGN.

In a world where people treat everything they adore with great importance, fans of video games usually cringe when their favorite games get locked in for movie rights. You can’t really blame them. This is all due to the inconsistent and failed efforts that movies bring forth into the big screen the elements that make the game popular in the first place.

It is for this sole reason that the actor-slash-producer is taking everything slowly but surely in the pre-production phase of the film. According to Screen Rant, Fassbender even assures the fans that he will do whatever it takes to never compromise the game’s ultimate tone and spirit, but they might bring some new elements as well. He also pointed out that they will approach the project as a feature film.

“I don’t really play that many video games, but when I met up with the guys from Ubisoft and they started to explain this whole world and the idea of DNA memory — you know, I think it’s a very feasible scientific theory. I just thought, ‘This is so rich,’ and about the possibility of it being this cinematic experience. So I’m really excited about it, and we’re working very hard to make sure that we’ve got the best and most exciting, original package,” added the actor – producer in the interview.

Based on Digital Spy’s feature, the movie’s director is not really set on stone but it seems that Justin Kerzel is the most likely to assume the position with the way Fassbender talks highly of his skills as a visionary.

“Assassin’s Creed” truly brings in an intense and highly remarkable plot premise that it will really come off as a challenge for Fassbender to put all the elements together in order to come up with a praiseworthy film adaptation. The film is currently on the works and is set to hit the theaters same month next year in August 2015.

That concludes our update for Michael Fassbender’s film adaptation of “Assassin’s Creed.” Continue to peruse Movie News Guide (MNG) for more news in the entertainment world.

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