Xbox Shocks the World With a New TV Series Entitled Humans

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago
Xbox Shocks the World With a New TV Series Entitled Humans

London, United Kingdom – Xbox, in cooperation with Channel 4, is going to make a TV series entitled Humans. They have already said that it will be released on 2015.

The title itself is already intriguing. ‘Humans’ is the last thing that you will expect coming from one of the world’s largest technological brands. Xbox already mentioned that it is going to belong in the science fiction genre. Despite of its title, people can expect a good use of the technological advancements of the company.

It will be aired not just in the United Kingdom but also in some parts of North America. However, there are no clear announcements yet on whether they will be shown simultaneously.

What Good Does the New Series Bring?

Aside from wonderful special effects, what other things can people expect from Humans? The fans are lucky because these two companies have shown us some tidbits about how the series is going to run.

The plot mentioned that the TV show will be about humans and their being accessories. Technically, they are no longer people because they were turned into robotic servants. That alone is already a good gist of the story.

On the one hand, the story will revolve around a father who has bought a hand-me-down robot servant. It gets exciting when they find out that the robot has deep secrets to reveal.

The Promise of a Premium TV Series

Xbox and Channel 4 have promised that this is going to be a high quality TV show. It is not like the others that will limit your imaginations. Humans is going to have eight episodes for its initial season. From there, everyone will see whether the production has lived to their promises.

They have invested big on this work – Steven Spielberg big. They will release materials that were originally written and done by Spielberg himself.

Just when you thought you have seen everything on TV already, here is Humans proving that you are wrong. Will it be able to collect fans in its 8-episode run in 2015? Will its contract end right away?

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