‘Xena: The Warrior Princess’ Is Finally Getting A Reboot; Lucy Lawless Up To Reprise Her Role!

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Xena: The Warrior Princess’ Is Finally Getting A Reboot; Lucy Lawless Up To Reprise Her Role!

Lo and behold, it is now official. “Xena: The Warrior Princess” is getting a reboot!… But wait, before you get too excited, it’s still early days but we have some scoop to share with you. NBC and NBC Universal International producers are now in the search for a writer for “Xena” reboot. The upcoming series is hailed from Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, its original executive producers .

About 20 years ago, “Xena: The Warrior Princess” aired on TV as a “Hercules” spinoff and the Lucy Lawless drama is coming back on TV. Tapert and Raimi will also be involved in this upcoming project and they are modernizing the reboot of “Xena.”

Since the project is in its early stages, no one has yet confirmed if Lawless is returning to reprise her role as the warrior princess. Because if she will, she definitely can still pull it off because she looks awesome, as if she hasn’t aged at all! Also, according to The Hollywood Reporter, insiders want Lawless to get the role and at the same time, work behind the scenes as well.

“Xena: The Warrior Princess” is being targeted to premiere in 2016. However, no one yet knows whether the reboot will be a full or limited-season order. Fans, of course, would love to have the show to be ongoing.

According to sources, “Xena” will have Lawless’ charm and charisma and the brain of Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games” because the producers are in search of a smart and sophisticated superhero for a new generation.”

“Xena: The Warrior Princess” ran for a six-season period from 1995 to 2001, and was produced by Universal Worldwide Television and Studios USA. John Schulian and Taper have created “Xena.”

During the Comic-Con 2015, Lawless said that Xena must hit the home screen again. He has been pitching for it as the show still attracts a swell of interest. He said that he always brood upon the possible comeback of the ‘Xena’ series.

I think it’d be funny to have a reboot like ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ – like middle-aged ‘Xena’ in a muumuu with a bad attitude and a smoking habit… Bring Ted Raimi in… and Bruce Campbell,” Lawless added.

Lawless has also been vocal that she wants to play “Xena” again.

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