Years of Living Dangerously: Ian Somerhalder Examines Climate Change Debate Within One Family [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 4 years ago
Years of Living Dangerously: Ian Somerhalder Examines Climate Change Debate Within One Family [WATCH VIDEO]
Ian Somerhalder at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California/Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

“The Vampire Diaries” (TVD) star Ian Somerhalder  appeared  on Showtime’s “Years of Living Dangerously” on May 4, 2014 to talk about those efforts and crisis in detail. He considers environment and Mother Earth above all and has founded the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) for this noble cause. In “Years of Living Dangerously,” Ian Somerhalder examines the climate change debate within one family.

“When your manager calls and tells you that James Cameron and Jerry Weintraub and Arnold Schwarzenegger are producing a show for Showtime, and they want you in it with like Don Cheadle and Matt Damon and Harrison Ford and all these people, you freak out, first of all,” “But then you realize the weight that it actually holds,” said Somerhalder about his reaction when he was asked to be featured on “Years of Living Dangerously,” as published in a TV Fanatic report.

Half of the episode featured Somerhalder and the other half focused on journalist Lesley Stahl. It also depicted how climate change has impacted Greenland. He analysed the  different opinions on the climate change issue within one family – Evangelical preacher  Rick Joyner, who does not believe in climate change at all and his daughter Anna Jane who is dedicated to the cause.

Somerhalder was able to explain why he thinks Anna Jane Joyner feels the way she does.

“She works for the Sierra Club for the Beyond Coal campaign,” “And she works with this amazing woman named Mary Anne Hitt, who, literally, has shut down 158 coal-fired power plants, which it the equivalent of taking 45 million cars off the road. That’s insane. So these people are amazing. [Joyner’s] daughter works for that organization,” Somerhalder stated about the great work of  Anna Jane in the same TV Fanatic report.

The focus of story is their differences.

“Years of Living Dangerously” also shows just how unswerving to the cause some people are despite the hostility which still very much exists even in their own family. Despite the fact that all the substantiation presented during the show, Joyner still didn’t believe in global warming and climate change crisis.

Somerhalder was resolute to get through to him. He explained why Joyner is so orthodox.

“Evangelicals, which are a very giant part of this country, believe that it’s really just in God’s hands. If God wanted to fix it, he would. It is what it is. So if I dump this 20 thousand gallons of toxic waste into this river, and it goes down, and it destroys two towns, and goes in the ocean, and kills an entire coral reef, well, it’s God’s will. “He’ll fix it. People literally believe this. And they run their companies in their districts and they raise their families this way. I’m not judging anyone, but that’s not okay,” stated  Somerhalder in the same TV Fanatic report.

Years of Living Dangerously” not only features Ian Somerhalder, but other celebrities as well, such as Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Jessica Alba, Olivia Munn, America Ferrera, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford. Don’t forget to watch “Years of Living Dangerously” on Sundays at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime to educate and entertain yourself. For more news and updates about “Years of Living Dangerously,” and other entertainment news, visit Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly.

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