YG Entertainment’s Founder Yang Hyun-suk Talks About his Faith for Teddy

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
YG Entertainment’s Founder Yang Hyun-suk Talks About his Faith for Teddy

“I’m lucky to have a friend like him,” these are the words used by none other than the founder of South Korean entertainment company titled YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun-suk for his pal and producer of his company, Teddy Park, whom he has selected to lead his new label.

Hyun-suk was part of the “Seo Taiji and Boys” group prior to establishing YG Entertainment in 1998 and since then he is actively looking after the functions of his company. Teddy on the other hand joined YG Entertainment in 2006 as producer and this is the first time when Papa YG spoke about Teddy’s selection for the role of handling his company’s new label publicly.

“These days, there are many people who come to YG to do music. But there is a limit to how many artists the label can house, and even if I had ten additional bodies, I wouldn’t be able to take care of all of [the artists]. That’s why I requested for Teddy to establish a new label with the expectation that the results will be stellar. In YG, Teddy is a producer with the best taste and a producer who makes excellent music,” disclosed Papa YG in a telephonic interview to Osen.

Hyun-suk futher stated that Teddy will be his successor after his retirement and handle the entertainment company’s musical sector. He further added that he trusts Teddy a lot and has no problem in keeping him to his side for 20 more years.

YG mark owner said to Osen that no matter Teddy is younger than him but he consider him as his friend and the only colleague of the company with whom he talk as much as possible. Together with Teddy, Hyun-suk usually discussed ways to enjoy work by including more fun to it and in this process they have decided to launch a new label. Their co-operation will become more better and bigger if Teddy side by side working as a producer with YG also looks after his personal label.

Well, with these comments, one thing is evident and that is the fact that Teddy is Hyun-suk’s pride and he will never let him go. You are really a very lucky man Teddy, as you got support from a best person known as Hyun-suk. So, Let us wish both the partners all the very best for their successful future.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Yang Hyun-suk


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