YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk: On Big Bang, Growth, K-Pop Artists, And Charity Work

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk: On Big Bang, Growth, K-Pop Artists, And Charity Work
Big Bang

Yang Hyun Suk, the head honcho for YG Entertainment, recently took some time off from his demanding corporate schedule and sat down to talk about the impressive commercial progress of his company and the peculiar way that he manages his stable of gifted K-Pop artists.

In an interview with Daily Sports via KPopStarz, Yang Hyun Suk was immediately inquired about the criticism that has been thrown in due to the company’s indirect control on the K-Pop spotlight especially with their method of releasing new songs from Big Bang every month.

“Big Bang is one of the biggest leaders of the Hallyu wave. Unlike other artists who focus on only a single round of promotions we wanted to highlight each track being released on this album,” the music mogul elaborated as Big Bang hasn’t released an album for the past three years and which YG Entertainment believes should be given enough publicity.

The 45-year-old Yang Hyun Suk who also began his career as a member of a Korean pop group in the early 90s also explained that they will be releasing music from other YG artists in September if possible from Winner and iKON.

YG Entertainment has expanded to other exponents in the field of business. They have ventured outside the confines of music entertainment into having a fashion line of its own named, Nonagon. The enterprise also started a food service and has begun a secondary outlet entitled YG FOODS.

A report from Soompi from Shinhan Financial earlier this year outlined the Korean company’s projected financial gain for the year to an unprecedented growth. Shinhan Financial also expected the company to significantly benefit from its investments in a K-Pop themed shopping center and an amusement park.

With YG Entertainment hitting a home run in their every undertaking, it is no surprise that they have pledged a donation for every album sold, merchandise and tickets sales to charities. The entertainment syndicate according to AllKPop last May, donated a total of 100 million KRW for Nepal earthquake emergency relief

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