Yo-kai Watch Movie US Release: Expect Goofy Adventures from Nate and Gang

By Ancy John | 1 year ago
Yo-kai Watch Movie US Release: Expect Goofy Adventures from Nate and Gang
Yo Kai Watch movie USA Release

Yo-kai Watch movie has been released in select theaters in the USA. The movie was the most popular one in Japan in the year 2015. The story revolved around the powerful watch that allows an average boy called Nate to see spirits around him.

Yo-kai Watch movie starts off with the revelation that the magical world has been wiped out of existence. Nate’s spirit friends, Jibanyan and Whisper, are around to help him in his mission. These three travel to Nate’s grandmother’s farm to find out about Meganyan.

It was soon revealed to them that Meganyan is the caped hero Hovernyan who has been trying to save mankind for a long time. His right-hand man was Nate’s grandfather. It was then unearthed that the creator of Yo-kai Watch is Nate’s grandfather.

With the help of Rewin Stone, Hovernyan takes the trio back to the time to help the protagonist’s grandfather. The mission is to save human and spirit worlds from the evil Dame Dedtime. She does not want humans and Yo Kai spirits to be amicable to each other as seen in Yo-kai Watch movie.

Dame Dedtime is up to no good as she tries to destroy the Yo-kai Watch and tries to infect humans and Yo Kai with a plague, reports Kotaku. The battle between the good and the bad gets infused with humor and goofiness of the characters.

What seems to be working for the movie is that it chooses a light narrative despite a thick plot. The style of narration appeals to both kids and family alike. The trailer suggests that the trio breezes through challenges and harm’s way by keeping their playfulness and humor alive.

Yo-kai Watch movie Japanese version was directed by Shigeharu Takahashi and Shinji Ushiro as part of the Yo-kai Watch franchise. The film was released in select theaters in the United States as Yo-kai Watch: The Movie Event on Oct. 15, 2016. Hovernyan medal will be given as a souvenir to those who attend the event.

Watch Yo-kai Watch movie trailer below:

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