Young and Hungry: Young & Punchy Recap [WATCH VIDEOS]

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Young and Hungry: Young & Punchy Recap [WATCH VIDEOS]
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“Young and Hungry” Season 1 Episode 6 “Young & Punchy” aired on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on ABC family. Gabi found a new boyfriend in Cooper (Jesse MacCartney), the guy who hacked Josh’s app. Read on to learn more about Movie News Guide’s (MNG) Episode 6 “Young & Punchy” recap and a sneak peek of Episode 7 “Young & Secret.”

Previously on Episode 5 “Young & Younger” (air date: July 23, 2014), Gabi (Emily Osment) didn’t know that Cam (Nick Roux), who was from her apartment, was few years younger than her. She dated him until Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) revealed his true age. Gabi confessed that she didn’t have sex with Cam, while Josh admitted that he was jealous of him.

In “Young & Punchy,” Sofia (Aimee Carrero) told Gabi that her boss was looking for employees at the ZOO for the weekend. Gabi first thought that it was a petting zoo, so she declined because she’s allergic to goats. She later learned that it was a bar, and the pay was really good. Gabi finally agreed to Sofia’s job offering.

Gabi wanted to celebrate, and she invited everyone including Josh. Josh was also there to meet with the hacker who made his app go offline. He offered a job to the hacker named Cooper (Jesse MacCartney). Then Josh introduced Gabi to Cooper. Gabi saw an opportunity to take a picture of it, but her phone broke. Cooper fixed her phone, and he started to trash talk with Josh. Unfortunately, Cooper accidentally poured his drink on her. He tried to help her, but Josh didn’t like what he was seeing. Josh punched Cooper right in the face.

Several “Young & Hungry” characters dealt with the unfortunate night at the ZOO. Josh got a nasty hangover, and he didn’t want to talk to Gabi just yet. He also refused to sign a contract about the job offer for Cooper. Later, Gabi went to Cooper to apologize in Josh’s behalf. Cooper refused the dinner invitation at first. He told Gabi that he was really sorry for what happened, so he brought her own website. This time, Gabi convinced Cooper to come for dinner.

Back at Josh’s loft, he was surprised that Gabi invited Cooper over. They started an argument again when Cooper arrived at his place. Gabi tried to stop the fight by offering her prepared nachos. Gabi succeeded in helping the two men. Josh gave him his job, while Cooper asked Gabi for a date. Gabi accepted his offer, but Josh doesn’t what his employees to date. Cooper was asked to wait at the terrace while the two talked. They went inside, and they forgot that Cooper was shivering outside.

Gabi couldn’t help but tell about bad things on during the date with Cooper. It was supposed to be part of the deal with Sofia. It wasn’t a problem because Cooper did that too. They ended their date with a kiss. The next day, Cooper saw Gabi again. He was there to fetch the contract from Josh. Gabi admitted that they shouldn’t continue with their relationship, but they kissed again.

Meanwhile, Elliot (Rex Lee) and Yolanda (Kym Whitney) were still curious with Josh’s new tub in the bathroom. Josh told them that Caroline (Mallory Jansen) will use it first. As the episodes continue, both of them tried to use the tub secretly, but they usually got caught by the others. Elliot and Yolanda got shocked when they saw each other inside the tub.

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And that’s it for the “Young & Hungry” recap of Season 1 Episode 6 “Young & Punchy.” Don’t forget to check out the sneak peek for Episode 7 “Young & Secret,” which will air on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC Family. Follow MNG as we keep you posted on updates about “Young & Hungry,” including weekly recaps and spoilers.

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