‘THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS’ SPOILERS AUG. 21 AND AUG. 24-28:All About Revenge, The Truth And Some Little Love

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
‘THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS’ SPOILERS AUG. 21 AND AUG. 24-28:All About Revenge, The Truth And Some Little Love
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“The Young and the Restless” spoilers for Aug. 21 hint that the hush-hush exploits of its characters will all be unveiled. The upcoming week of Aug.24 – 28 will continue this riddle and more surprises.

Warning: More spoilers ahead! Read on if you want to learn more about the details of this story.

As reported by Yibada, Marco Annicelli will have a confrontation once more with Jack Abbott (both characters played by Peter Bergman) to settle their long-standing beef. Will the characters engage in a death duel to end all? The spoilers insinuate that this engagement will really turn out bloody.

Another vindictive moment on the upcoming episode concerns Noah Newman (Robert Adamson) who wants to get justice for Courtney through Mark Harding (Chris McKenna). Will Harding be interrogated regarding his participation of the killings by Noah, despite the latter not knowing anything? Will Harding result in using his weapon to defend himself?

Also joining in for the hostile mix is Summer who will square it off with the girls.

Thrown in for good measure in the closing moments for this week’s last episode is Sharon and her realization that she has to realize the truth as talks with Summer and Mariah. It all ends with a tremble as Summer’s answer to Sharon’s question of what has been going on is answered with a hardened, “We know who the killer is.”

 She Knows Soaps gives us the spoilers for next week starting the 24th of August.

Both Nikki and Ashley are afflicted as the former constantly is fearful that Neal is spinning out of control, the latter will obtain an information that will change the her life. It is also suggested that both Jack and Victor will bury the hatchet on each other to team-up for a sweet payback. Sage will again remain to be haunted by Adam’s long hidden agenda. But the week will be worthwhile for lovers as Abby and Stich take a rewind with their romance.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Young and the Restless 

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