‘The Young and the Restless’ spoilers: Viewers to witness Stitch, Abby and her mother’s love Triangle

By Nitha Paul | 2 years ago
‘The Young and the Restless’ spoilers: Viewers to witness Stitch, Abby and her mother’s love Triangle

“The Young and the Restless” spoilers for the “New year” special episode from December 28 to January 1 of the CBS soap opera suggests that the viewers would witness a grand wedding. Yes, the wait is over! Finally, Abby and Stitch is getting married this New Year night. And Possibly, Newmans and Abbottis will be reuniting in the upcoming episodes. But, will Ashley, Abby’s mother get into their way and ruin their marriage?

According to She Knows Soaps, Abby and Stitch is all set to tie knot this New Year after clearing all their problems. As you have seen in the past, Stitch has been very worried for quite some time and was struggling too hard between his feelings for Abby and Ashley. At the time of explosion on Newman towers, Stitch had confessed his feelings to Ashley, while he was already in a relationship with Abby. Will Ashley be haunted over Stitch’s love confession? Is she planning to ruin her own daughter’s life?

As per “The Young and the Restless” spoilers as suggested by Reality today, Ashley will be dealing with two major problems in her life at a time. One is her feelings for Stitch and her daughter’s marriage and the other one her own health condition. But being a mother she will have to keep her love aside for the well-being of her daughter, Abby. At least, that’s what we are expecting from her! But, the spoilers give us a clue on Ashley making a shocking confession this Week.

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Meanwhile, a major twist is awaiting the viewers the coming week. Dr. Anderson’s identity will be uncovered soon. As per the “Y&R” spoilers, Sharon will be successful in proving that she does not share a matching DNA with baby Sully. Will Adam discover that baby Sully is his own child with Sage? What will happen to Sully after the major twist?

At the moment, Chelsea and Adam are planning to have a baby soon. But as per latest spoilers, Adam is a bit confused in taking a decision to have a baby. Chealsea looks a bit worried with Adam’s decision, but tries to concentrate on designing Abby’s wedding dress, to feel better. Now, when she discovers all the truth about Adam, what will be her reaction?

On the other hand Noah finds out that Marisa had slept with Luca. Will it be the end of their relationship? The New Year special episode of “The Young and the Restless” will leave the viewers out of mind for quite a long time, it seems. Stay connected with us to get more updates.

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