Youtube Is All Set To Launch Its Own Music App!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Youtube Is All Set To Launch Its Own Music App!

Youtube is launching its own music app and it looks seriously fun. Read On!

The new music app has several new features, including optimized search which will exclusively display the official tracks before the cover versions of the songs you are searching for. The optimized search will also include several videos that have never been released officially like the video of Def Leppard jamming with Taylor Swift.

For every search you include for a song, the search will first display the actual track or the canonical artist who first rendered the song. All other relevant links will be displayed below the official track’s listing.

Along with the app, Youtube will launch its own subscription service which will be available for subscribers at $9.99 a month.The new service will let people watch videos without annoying ads and will also let them download content from youtube at no extra cost. The new service is named “Youtube Red.”

While the netizens are waiting for the app, which is supposed to go live at the end of this year, they can subscribe to Youtube Red which will be available for subscription starting October 28th.

If you join the Youtube Red community as a subscriber, you will be able to use some really powerful features in the YouTube Music App. The App will be able to play the tracks as a sort of background score if you are busy with some activity like jogging or cycling.

This obviously means that you will be able to listen to youtube tracks on the run. This mode, which is known as the Background mode, will probably come in handy while you are doing a variety of activities. The new App will also let you play the video in audio mode where only the audio for the music will play on the device. This will likely save your device’s power.

The Verge reported the news first.

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