YouTube Star Trevor Moran Comes Out As Gay In Latest Video

By Rey Martin | 2 years ago
YouTube Star Trevor Moran Comes Out As Gay In Latest Video
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Popular YouTube personality Trevor Moran recently shocked his fans when he came out as gay in his new video. Read on for more details.

On October 9, 17-year-old recording artist and YouTube star Trevor Moran uploaded a video where he announced that he’s gay. In the video, he said that it was hard to do that in front of the camera. However, he also said that he does not think the news should come as a shocker to his viewers.

“If you’ve been watching me since Apple Store dances up to X Factor up to the ‘Echo’ music video, you probably should know by now, but clarifying it, yes,” he said.

His Apple Store dance video was taken on December 15, 2009. Watch it here:

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Here’s his “Echo” music video:

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“I don’t feel like I was ever in a closet, I feel like I was in like a glass closet. Like you can f****** see me,” the singer added.

After his announcement and clarification, he answered some Twitter questions from his fans. He covered everything including coming out to his parents and struggling to self-identify. Moran also thought that he was bisexual for a long time because he was frightened by the word “gay”. He said that he tried to be straight. He even experimented with girls but it did not work.

The big announcement came after the release of Moran’s music video for the song “I Wanna Fly.” He told People Magazine that the inspiration behind his new song was his mom. Moran mentioned that he had a panic attack two minutes before the release of his music video. He said that he was holding on to his mom and said, “Mom, they’re all going to hate me!” Now that he’s out of the glass closet, he said that he feels so open and happy.

Moran’s “I Wanna Fly” music video was released on September 29. Watch it below.

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Trevor Moran is currently a radio personality on Dash Radio. He hosts his own show called “Trevor Live” every Friday at 6PM Eastern Time. He currently has over 926,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Photo source: Instagram/Trevor Moran

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