Youtuber and Viner Cameron Dallas Arrested For Felony Vandalism

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Youtuber and Viner Cameron Dallas Arrested For Felony Vandalism
What’s going on here?! Haha

Well-known Youtuber and Viner Cameron Dallas apparently made quite a ruckus this week as he apparently disturbed his neighbors as he had a noisy party in his apartment and eventually was arrested for throwing paint all over the place.

TMZ reports that on Wednesday afternoon, March 18, residents of an apartment building in Hollywood called in the police and complained of a noisy party going on in Cameron Dallas’ apartment. A while later, the police came and checked things out. However, the place was quiet though no one answered the door. The police then left.

A few hours later, at around 6:00pm, the police got another call from the same place, this time reporting of a paint can being thrown from the sixth floor of the building and nearly hitting a woman below. Apparently, the paint can fell from Dallas’ window. Now, when the police came over, they saw that Dallas’ apartment and the people partying in it were splattered with paint.

Though he claims that they never threw a paint can outside the window, Dallas and some of his friends were arrested under charges of felony vandalism. He was released the next day at 1:30am after posting a $20,000 bail.

Dallas revealed his side of the story via a broadcast on the YouNow account of his friend Bryant Eslava. As it turned out, they were filming a video for Kian Lawley’s video channel. The video apparently involved a paint game, which explains his paint-splattered apartment.

Also, Dallas denied having thrown anything outside his window. And because the police didn’t have proof of anyone throwing anything out the window and nearly hurting somebody, Dallas and his friends weren’t charged of battery. He also added that paint got into the building’s hallway because the police pinned them to the wall. Fortunately, the paint Dallas and his friends used was washable and he just about to get to cleaning it.

In his tweets he posted after being released, Dallas said that he is working on the video they were filming before getting detained, and that it will be awesome.

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Photo source: Facebook/ Cameron Dallas

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