A to Z Recap: B is for Big Glory [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
A to Z Recap: B is for Big Glory [WATCH VIDEO]
Actor Ben Feldman at NBCUniversal’s 2014 Summer TCA Tour on July 13, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/Mingle Media TV

A to Z” Season 1 Episode 2 “B is for Big Glory” aired on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014, at 9:30 p.m. on NBC. Andrew had a big date, but it was not with his new love Zelda. How did she react when she found out about it? Read on for the recap to this episode.

After sealing their relationship with a kiss in the last episode (“A is for Acquaintance” air date: Oct. 2, 2014), things seemed to go well for Andrew (Ben Feldman) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti), otherwise known as “ZelDrew,” their “celebrity super couple name.” Only Andrew forgot that prior to meeting Zelda, he already made a date with someone else. He couldn’t cancel this as his date was in a vulnerable stage, having been dumped by a previous boyfriend. His best friend Stu (Henry Zebrowski) also advised against cancelling the date. He and Zelda were not yet exclusive, were they? Stu had a point, but Andrew was still bothered by this. So he called Zelda to tell her about it, and she seemed fine with Andrew going out with someone else.

But the truth was, Zelda wasn’t fine. She was under the impression that they were getting serious and that Andrew was not the type to play games. She even bought him a nameplate with “Andy” on it. So she fibbed and told Andrew about having a date that night too. She just needed to figure out who with, as she scrambled off to find a replacement.

That night, Andrew and Zelda went on a date with different partners, and both instances did not end well. Andrew was actually upfront to his date about having Zelda in his life, which she understood. She was, in fact, only going out with Andrew to make an ex-boyfriend jealous, and it actually worked as the guy was seen gunning for Andrew with a kitchen knife. He was a chef at the place where Andrew dined with his date.

Learning that Zelda’s date ended very early that night, as Stu was actually stalking her for his best friend, Andrew thought he would swing by her apartment. But when he got there, Zelda’s date opened the door, shirtless. What was going on? Andrew left quite heartbroken, and Zelda caught a glimpse of him by her window.

The next day, both played it cool when they met at work. No one dared talk about their dates for a few minutes, but Zelda had to come clean and told Andrew that her date only came by her apartment to have something notarized, and he spilled something on his shirt. She explained all the details, and Andrew was relieved.

Andrew: I’ve been walking around with music in my head since the moment we met. And it’s not just any music. It’s the old end credits to “This Week in Baseball,” which only pops in my head when something truly incredible and life-altering happens. That’s how much I like you.

But Zelda could only reply a less than enthusiastic comment, which caught him off guard.

Later, when Zelda got back to her desk, she found a package from Andrew. It was a nameplate with her name on it, cut out from different nameplates, as there never was any “Zelda” available. Andrew deliberately did this for her, which she loved. That’s when she realized she wanted something more from him.

So Zelda boldly marched to Andrew’s office and declared she wanted to be exclusive.

Zelda: That thing you just said earlier? Keep saying that. And I don’t wanna see other people.
Andrew: I don’t either.
Zelda: Great.

And she walked back to her office…with a song in her head.

Meanwhile, the subplot to this episode involved Andrew’s boss, Lydia (Christina Kirk), asking everyone at Wallflower to use their latest dating app, which HR didn’t exactly approve of. But Lydia wanted to see how the app would work, and when she saw that many of her staff were starting to hook up because of the app, much to the nightmare of HR, Lydia was happy about it. When things got out of hand though, as it affected office productivity and relationships, she ordered HR to enforce the no dating co-workers rule back again.

And that’s what happened on “A to Z” Season 1 Episode 2 “B is for Big Glory,” which aired on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014, at 9:30 p.m. on NBC. How are you liking this charming show so far? You can watch the episode’s highlights in the video below.

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