Z.TAO Changes Beijing Tour Into A Benefit Concert for the Tianjin Explosion Victims

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Z.TAO Changes Beijing Tour Into A Benefit Concert for the Tianjin Explosion Victims

In the past couple of days, the world’s focus shifted towards China due to the tragic explosions that occurred on Aug. 12, 2015 in Tianjin. As the world watched and waited for news regarding what had happened, and as to how one could help, celebrities from different parts of the globe, made use of their popularity in order to spread awareness, and to figure out a way on how to help the survivors out. In his own way, one of China’s own, Huang Zi Tao, who is known in South Korea as Z.TAO and is a former member of the SM Entertainment group EXO, according to reports, has figured out, in his own way, how  he could help his fellow countrymen. Read on to learn more about this story.

According to the official website of Beijing’s Tourism Department, Z.TAO, otherwise known as Huang Zi Tao, is scheduled to have a concert in Beijing. The upcoming event will feature his first solo mini-album since his break up with his former group.

However, according to reports on K Pop Starz and on Soompi, it has been discovered that the singer, in light of the Tianjin Explosions, will be making use of his concert in order to help the survivors of the tragedy.

This, however, isn’t an uncommon phenomenon, as celebrities have, either alone, or with other artists and celebrities, done this kind of thing before. However, what makes Z.TAO’s decision interesting is that the Tianjin Explosions are close to his heart, as those who were affected were his own countrymen.

According to the reports, Z.TAO’s Beijing concert will a benefit concert, with its proceeds going to the survivors of the explosions. Aside from this, the concert will be free. It was also reported that he will no longer be going to Shanghai and Guangzhou as part of his tour.

His first solo tour will be featuring songs from his first solo mini-album, entitled “T.A.O.”.

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Photo Source:Instagram/Z.TAO


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