Zac Efron explains his naked scene in the new film; says “I do my own stunts”

By admin | 4 years ago

Zac Efron bared all and balanced on a toilet for an embarrassing scene in the new film That Awkward Moment. The former Disney star now discusses performing his own naked stunts in films and explains having a naked double for his revealing scene was out of the question.

Zac Efron in his new flick That Awkward Moment

“What was it like planking naked over a toilet? Dangerous, risky, challenging – but, I always take pride in the fact I do my own stunts,” he told fans during a Twitter Q&A.

Zac believes that embarrassment is the only way he knows how to grow. “I’m constantly embarrassed. I believe that I learn more from failures than my successes,” he replied when a fan asked how he deals with his own awkward moments.

The actor also opened up about his combat with a cocaine addiction and explained that trekking through mountains serves as a form of escapism.

“I want to see Nepal, the Andes, there’s several mountain ranges I want to get lost in. They’re my spiritual escapes,” he told fans.

He entered a rehabilitation facility to fight his drug addiction in April and got himself clean last summer. The actor took the opportunity during this online Q&A to thank his fans for standing by him throughout this crucial time.

“Some of the fan letters really get me. Sincerely, I feel their love and appreciate how much they stand by me,” he told his 7.4 million followers.

Zac, however, dodged his fans when they asked if he was single. “Actually, I’m triple,” he quipped.

Meanwhile the 26-year-old heartthrob recently said he is willing to go all the way on first date sex. “Sex is a beautiful thing. I don’t object,” he told Glamour magazine last week.

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