Zac Efron Keeps Girlfriend Sami Miro Off His Instagram; Couple Breaking Up?

By DV Pre | 2 years ago

Zac Efron and girlfriend Sami Miro are reportedly having relationship problems. The couple are spending some time apart in an attempt to clear their minds off what was bothering them.

According to Kpopstarz, Efron is going the extra mile to keep his girlfriend off his Instagram page. The publication noted that Efron has previously posted photos of Anna Kendrick and Emily Ratajkowski on his social media page. His girlfriend, on the other hand, seemed to be taking the back seat. The last photo of them together was posted over a month ago.

Efron posted this photo with the caption, “Unlock the swag.” Contrary to break up claims, the hot couple looked so in love with each other. The couple reportedly spent some down time together while working on their new movie “Dirty Grandpa.”

In an interview with Elle, Miro said that she tried to avoid talking about Efron and their relationship as much as possible. The model added that if she was involved with a non-celebrity boyfriend, she would have shared more couple photos online. However, given that she’s dating one of the hottest guys in Hollywood, she wanted to be more secretive about it.

“I’m not trying to hide anything in my life. If I was dating someone who wasn’t in the limelight, I might have more photos on [Instagram] of our relationship, but I do think it’s important. I mean, it’s what is going on in my life, and I think that my social media can still represent that.”

There you have it on the latest news about Zac Efron and his girlfriend Sami Miro. Do you think the couple are having relationship problems or are they just busy with their hectic schedule? Sound off in the comments below.

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Photo Source: Instagram/Zac Efron


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