Zac Efron, Michelle Rodriguez Kiss and Cuddle

By Rowell De Guia | 3 years ago
Zac Efron, Michelle Rodriguez Kiss and Cuddle
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Zac Efron has been spotted kissing and cuddling with actress, Michelle Rodriguez, who just broke up with British supermodel, Cara Delevingne. Reports said that Zac and Michelle were photographed together in intimate scenes aboard a yacht off the coast of Sardinia over the first weekend of July. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Many speculated that the romance between the “The Paperboy” actor and the “Avatar” star was just a show, a way to get back at Michelle’s ex-girlfriend. But now reports claim that the connection between the two is authentic. Zac and Michelle have been acquainted with each other for quite a number of years already before the incident that triggered the rumor that there is something special between them.

According to Liberty Voice, the two were on a vacation with the couple Gianluca Vacchio, an Italian businessman, and Giorgia Gabriele, when the paparazzi captured their intimate moments. The talked-about photos of the alleged celebrity couple, which have been circulating around the internet, became even more interesting to the eyes of the public because of the known fact that Michelle admitted that she is bisexual. In March 2014, Michelle and the supermodel were caught on camera while on a vacation, and in January 2014, the two watched the New York Knicks game, displaying affection to each other. Although Michelle had been with the 21-year-old Victoria’s Secret model, Cara, the photos suggest that her relationship with the model has faced its end and a new one with Zac is budding.

Zac, declared as one of media’s hottest male stars, had been involved with Lily Collins. However, lately, they were rarely seen together. Perhaps, this time, Zac is enjoying being with Michelle aboard a yacht sponsored by the Italian businessman. Should there be anything special between Zac and Michelle, it would just be fine. Both are young and, according to reports, are certified single.

If the kisses and cuddles grow into a more romantic relationship, the only worries that the people around them might have are that Michelle is known to enjoy going out a lot on parties, and Zac, on the contrary, is still in his recovery process after coming out of rehab and might just refrain from having a good time.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi, Uploaded by russavia


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