Zac Efron Nearly Eaten By A Shark! Actor Seduced The Predator To Stay Alive

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Zac Efron Nearly Eaten By A Shark! Actor Seduced The Predator To Stay Alive
zac efron shark encounter

Girls and girls-at-heart are all swooning over the 27-year-old “We Are Your Friends” actor Zac Efron, and mind you, they are not alone with this fangirling stuff, as even one of the scariest underwater creature was bitten by his charisma. A shark in Hawaii was tamed and seduced by Efron!

In his latest TV guesting, Efron got a chance to tell his unforgettable experience with a shark while he was in Hawaii, filming for a new movie called “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.”

In his interview in “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Efron had a sit down chat with Fallon where he was asked about his experience in his latest snorkeling trip. The actor shocked the viewers as he revealed that he just had an unexpected “Jaws” like experience!

His guesting was to promote his new movie for 2016, but it ended up with his story about the encounter with an apex predator a.k.a giant tiger shark. According to the actor, he was on a Hawaiian shark diving with Adam DeviNe who plays as his brother in the movie, when that terrifying moment happened.

Based on Zac Efron’s story, it was his second time to do shark diving, but it was his first time to be nearly eaten by a giant tiger shark! At first, they were all very cool watching the sharks swimming around them, but then, a little shark in the place suddenly dived and disappeared. All the 7-10ft sharks swam away from them, and according to Efron when that happened, meaning an apex predator was coming.

Efron continued saying that as he turned on his left side, he saw a giant tiger shark about 14ft swimming directly towards him, but what he did next is pretty amazing—and funny, based on Fallon’s reaction.

The actor said that in order to stay alive and not become the giant tiger shark’s prey, all he did was to stay calm, and soulfully stare into the shark’s eyes. And as usual, this made Fallon comment that Efron did that to show to the (female/male) shark that “‘Hey! C’mon I’m Zac Efron!’” which made everyone laugh.

In the end, after the shark passed by him, he grabs on to the apex predator’s fin to go back to the boat where his buddies were staying.

And just like that, he is now safe and sound. He is truly a “Shark Whisperer” like what Jim Fallon said.

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