Zayn Malik Has Been ‘Chatting’ With Zendaya; Moving On From His Past Relationship With Perrie Edwards

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Zayn Malik Has Been ‘Chatting’ With Zendaya; Moving On From His Past Relationship With Perrie Edwards
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Former One Direction member, Zayn Malik moves on from his ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards and has been reported to be ‘chatting’ with Zendaya. Find out all the details below.

It looks like Zayn is now in the process of finding new love as he was rumored to be chatting with none other than Zendaya, after ending his engagement with Edwards. This report has been circulating ever since Edwards and Zayn’s engagement ended.

It has been, what—two weeks since Zayn decided to end his three year relationship with the 22-year-old Edwards via text, and from that very day, it was reported that the 22-year-old Zayn has been doing every possible thing to move on. And it seems like one of his ways to forget his past relationship includes chatting with the 18-year-old Disney star, Zendaya.

But, what are these two talented stars has been really talking about?

According to a source from The Sun, Zayn is talking to a lot of ladies very casually, but Zendaya is the most high-profile.

Many netizens thought that the two celebrities have been talking about dating or something, but the truth is, their chat is strictly business related! According to the young singer, Zayn, he and Zendaya should get in the studio together as they both have a similar R&B vibe. He’s also been talking about fashion as she’s in London working with Vivienne Westwood.

In HollywoodLife report, Zayn took interest in working with Taylor Swift’s girl friend after Zendaya revealed that it would be a “dope” to work with the former 1D band member.

These news made a lot of their fans expect a Zayn-Zendaya collaboration, and it seems like it may happen soon as the insider also added that even though they just chatted about it, Zayn’s friends think they’ll meet up to record something soon. In addition to this, we can also look forward to Zayn potentially collaborating with none other the-26-year-old singer, Chris Brown.

On the other hand, the source stated that what Zayn’s been focusing right now after his split from Edwards is his promise to his fans—to give them amazing music—but the source did not deny that Zayn was affected by Edward’s dissing interview about him. The insider said that Zayn already expects it to happen, he’s not upset, he’s more disappointed that he has to continue to hear about it.

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