Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction To Pursue Solo Rap Career With Naughty Boy

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction To Pursue Solo Rap Career With Naughty Boy
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Some fans will be ecstatic while some fans will be dismayed. Rumour has it that One Direction’s lover boy Zayn Malik might or might not be pursuing his solo career. While that news alone is kind of shocking, wait until you hear what kind of music he is getting his hands on.

According to MTV, Zayn Malik wants to be a rapper! Like, who would have believed? Zayn has this bad boy look but many were shocked with the rumor that his collaboration with Naughty Boy might mean he wants to improve his craft in singing through the form of rapping.

We can remember when Naughty Boy commented that Zayn has the potential in rapping because he has the skills for it and his dedication in songwriting is a great plus. Naughty Boy is a great choice when it comes to collaboration as they bring out the best in their partners.

Remember when Sam Smith was just Sam Smith? Yeah, he collaborated with Disclosure and Naughty Boy with their song “La La La” and poof, now the multi-awarded Grammy singer is already out of our reach. It is not impossible for the same thing to happen to Zayn. Considering that he has the largest fan base in the One Direction group, he can get a lot of support from his fans.

We are truly excited for Zayn whether he wants to pursue a solo career or stay in the group. Now, when he becomes a rapper, what shall we call him now? Lil Zayn? Or Boss Malik?

The news about Zayn pursuing a solo career did not come off as a surprise to many, especially since Simon Cowell had given the boys his blessing to pursue their passions outside One Direction– that is, as long as they stay together as a group.

“I hear speculation all the time that they’re going solo. My advice is they should stay together but still do things they want as a little bit on the side,” Simon told Entertainment STV.

What do you think of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction to pursue his rapping career? Sound off in the comments below.

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