Zayn Malik, Naughty Boy Vs Louis Tomlinson : Heated Twitter Fight!

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Zayn Malik, Naughty Boy Vs Louis Tomlinson : Heated Twitter Fight!

The promised forever friendship of One Direction band and Zayn Malik is already in jeopardy. Zayn Malik had sensationally left the band in March this year. It had broken many million hearts who loved the band and Zayn Malik. After the split, there had been a long silence, however the friendship between the band members and Zayn remained intact.

Until now, Zayn had sweared by his love for the 4 1D members. But not all is well between the band members and Zayn Malik. Zayn left the band to lead a normal life, but soon his solo album with Naughty Boy as producer was hitting the headlines.

Naughty Boy recently on Wednesday posted a picture of him and Zayn together using Mac filter on Twitter. Louis Tomlinson of One Direction didn’t forget to make fun of it. Louis Tomlinson apparently thought that using Mac filters on photos was cool only if you were 12 years old.

Quick to respond, Naughty Boy replied in less than 15 minutes to Louis saying that people who can’t sing are suddenly complaining about auto tunes. Louis replied that till Zayn didn’t join him, Naughty Boy didn’t even have a career and that he is riding on Zayn’s golden horse. To this, Naughty Boy answered that Louis and the other three had been doing this for the last five years and added that he also had Emile Sande and Sam Smith on his CV.

In no time, Zayn Malik got involved and his fans really got angry with what he had to say to Louis Tomlinson. Zayn asked Tomlinson to have a life and not make b****y comments about Zayn’s life. Louis just chose to revert to Naughty Boy saying, “Good for you, well done!! I think we’ve done alright in terms of sales and I’ve happened to write on most. Keep trying!”

The fight continued with Louis and Naughty Boy taking digs at each other. Louis Tomlinson later thanked his and 1D fans for all their support and love.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ One Direction

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