Zayn Malik And Neelam Gill Rumor: Malik Is ‘Smitten’ With Burberry Model’s Beauty, Gill In LA To Hang Out?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Zayn Malik And Neelam Gill Rumor: Malik Is ‘Smitten’ With Burberry Model’s Beauty, Gill In LA To Hang Out?
Neelam Gill

Is the former member of boy band “One Direction” Zayn Malik dating Neelam Gill after splitting his one-year of engagement with “Little Mix’s” Perrie Edwards? Read below if you want to know more about their rumored relationship.

Here is a twist. Malik and Edwards might have their long personal troubles to carry forward the relationship, but they called it split in early August. But the Burberry model was captured in an interview with On Demand News in April when she was in London for The Asian Awards gushing about the 22-year old tall and handsome Malik. Perhaps, they were very close to each other than we expected.

According to MailOnline, Gill not only said Zayn a “nice guy,” but also added that he had taken the right decision to leave “One Direction.” On the other hand, she had also left plenty of hints that the duo knew each other very well and they had so much in common. A source also claimed that after Zayn and Gill met in London in March, he was “smitten” with her beauty. And now Gill is surrounded with the buzz that she has flown to LA to spend time with Malik.

“Zayn’s a nice guy, I’m happy he’s being honored tonight and I think it will be a great night,” Gill said in the same event in April.

“Whatever he does I’m sure he’ll be successful, he’s really talented and he’s a good guy,” Gill said in the interview with On Demand News, as quoted by

On the contrary, a rumor has surfaced that Malik’s departure from “One Direction” was not a big loss for the band. Instead, the band is said to have released their best album yet, which was the first one without Malik. The buzz is also in the air that things have turned better between the “One Direction” boys after the exit of Malik.

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Photo Source: Instagram/Neelam Gill

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