Zayn Malik is still in One Direction according to Stephen Hawking

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Zayn Malik is still in One Direction according to Stephen Hawking

There are geniuses who have created modern physics and there are those who are considered as Musical Gods by the millions of fan, and there is Stephen Hawking who knows how to make the world a better place by implementing theories of physics when someone asks him even about One Direction former member Zayn Malik. Read on for more details.

According to CBC News Canada, the 73-year-old astrophysicist came live to interact with the students and media via hologram at the Sydney Opera House. Students were asking him all type of questions regarding physics when one intrusive girl asked his opinion on the effect on cosmos when Malik left One Direction earlier this March. Hawking, who is world famous for his discoveries in physics, didn’t miss this amazing opportunity to get young people interested in Theoretical Physics.

“My advice to any heartbroken young girl is to pay attention to the study of theoretical physics because, one day, there may will be proof of multiple universes,” replied Hawking, as reported by Reuters.

Hawking then said that it would not be beyond the realms of possibilities of another universe and there are chances that Malik is still in his band, One Direction. And to bring a smile to that girl’s face, Hawking later said that there are chances that she and Malik are married in that Universe.

Apart from making people laugh over Malik’s incident, the great physicist also gave his honest opinion about “The Theory of Everything,” the film based out of his early days of marriage to his ex-wife Jane Wilde. Hawking had little disagreements before the principal photography of the film but when he saw it along with his daughter and science communicator, Lucy Hawking, he really liked the film and at Sydney Opera House.‘the film was as close as I will ever get to

“The film was as close as I will ever get to traveling back in time.” Hawking said.

If the theory of Multi Universe is correct and if there is a musical band out there called One Direction then we think that the 1D of our planet should be renamed as “Infinite Multiple Directions.”

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