Zayn Malik’s New Song ‘Befour’ Reveals His Reason Behind Leaving 1D?

By Charmie Nalzaro | 2 years ago
Zayn Malik’s New Song ‘Befour’ Reveals His Reason Behind Leaving 1D?
Zayn Malik

The drama surrounding former One Direction member Zayn Malik seems never end. Ever since the 22-year-old left One Direction, he has been the constant headlines of different entertainment columns and even topping the trends in Twitter and other social media. Nothing is new considering how popular he is all over the world. And now, he is in the limelight again since he will be debuting as a solo artist soon. Recently, Zayn dropped a small sneak peak for his new song entitled “Befour.”

As for the content of the song, fans would surely be ecstatic to listen to it. According to Zayn’s first official interview ever since he left One Direction with Fader, there is more to the song. The song will likely explain why he left 1D. Zayn said, “I don’t feel like people really know what I’m going to give them, musically. And once they hear it, I feel like they will understand me a little bit more, and they’ll understand why I did what I did, and why I left the band, and why I had to write this s**t down,” he added.

In this tell-all interview, Malik also clarified some rumors about him. It was previously hinted that the cheating rumor about him might have been one of the reasons why he left. “The two things never really coincided in my mind,” he responded. “Obviously, publicly, that’s the way it worked, because it worked well for the purpose. Them two stories looked good together side by side,” Malik added.

Fans of Malik have always been asking questions as to why he left the band. Some felt like they were betrayed while some gave him the benefit of the doubt. Now is definitely the time for his fans to know the reasons behind his actions. Through his music, Zayn Malik will be able to express his thoughts and feelings towards his fans and towards One Direction as well.

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