Zedd Tells of His First Meeting with Selena Gomez in a Radio Interview

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Zedd Tells of His First Meeting with Selena Gomez in a Radio Interview
The DJ Zedd

Sometimes a good relationship between two people may start off as a simple coincidence. For Zedd, his collaboration and friendship with Selena Gomez also happened simply by chance, and the rest is, as you may say, history.

On Thursday, Feb. 26, Zedd was invited to come over 97.1 AMP Radio for an interview with Booker on his latest activities, particularly his new song with Selena Gomez, ‘I Want You to Know’. Booker started off with telling how Zedd saved their show last year when one of their DJs for the day can’t go to work.

After some questions on how Zedd began his life with music by starting off with a band and later becoming a DJ and music producer, the talk eventually (and rather expectedly) veered to his rumoured girl Gomez and their collaboration song.

When Booker asked Zedd how their collaboration came up, he described it as a rather random moment. Apparently, Zedd was having a rare day off and was prepping up his new but still empty house. Then he had a pressing urge to pee, so his engineer directed him to a studio right across the street. While there, Zedd bumped into John Janick, the head of his and Gomez’s label, Interscope Records.

“[Janick] was like, “Oh! What are you doing here?” I said, “I just have a day off. I don’t take a lot of days off! Don’t be mad! I’m still working on the record!” And he’s like, “Okay. Have you ever met Selena?” That was literally the next thing he said. I was like, “Uh, no.” So he introduced me to her and was like, “Hey, she’s cool. Maybe we should make a song together.” And then like a week later, we started working on a song…all because I had to pee!”

Wow, what an interesting way to meet someone!

Zedd was also asked during the interview of other artists he’d like to collaborate with someday. He said he’d like to try working with, among around a hundred more people, Adele, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/http://digboston.com/ (“weeklydig” on Flickr)

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