Perrie Edwards, Zayn Malik Reconciliation: Edwards Spotted Wearing Her Engagement Ring Again

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Perrie Edwards, Zayn Malik Reconciliation: Edwards Spotted Wearing Her Engagement Ring Again
Perrie Edwards during the tour

In light of the news of her fiancé Zayn Malik leaving One Direction for good, Perrie Edwards was spotted wearing her engagement ring again. Does this mean that the relationship between her and Malik are as strong as ever? Will we finally be hearing wedding bells this year?

On Thursday, March 26, Perrie Edwards was spotted coming out of the house she’s been living in with her fiancé Zayn Malik, a day after it was announced that he is officially leaving his band One Direction. Onlookers were quick to note that Edwards is wearing her engagement ring again, thus sparking speculations that she may have finally patched things up with Malik.

MailOnline reported that last Friday, March 20, Malik arrived in their London home from Thailand, amidst cheating rumours of him and a reported fan named Lauren Richardson. The two apparently had a long talk, and it seems like it paid off.

However, for the past few days, since the announcement of Malik leaving the band, Edwards has been at the receiving end of bashes from fans who even dubbed her as the ‘Yoko Ono’ of One Direction. This is in reference to Yoko Ono, the wife of the late John Lennon of the Beatles. In her day, she was also blamed for the breakup of her husband’s band.

In addition to the accusations, some people even suggested that Edwards should also quit her band Little Mix, in accordance to Malik’s decision to leave One Direction, so that he can have a normal, peaceful life.

Even before the cheating rumors began, Edwards was spotted without her engagement ring. This led to speculations that the two might separate, since Edwards is apparently quite fond of her ring and likes to show it around. Some sources claim that back then, she was just having it cleaned.

Putting cheating rumours and fan reactions aside, could this reconciliation mean that the two celebrities will start talking again about their wedding plans? There has been no official news on that front as yet, and so we can only wait and see.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/vagueonthehow

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