Zoo Recap: Fight or Flight

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Zoo Recap: Fight or Flight
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Zoo” Season 1 Episode 2 “Fight or Flight” aired on Tuesday, July 7, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In Botswana, Jackson Oz (James Wolk) managed to save Abraham “Abe” Kenyatta (Nonsie Anozie). However, after he and his mother discovered several anomalies in the bodies of the other victims, they both began to realize that Jackson’s father’s theories were right. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, as Mitchell “Mitch” Morgan (Billy Burke) and Jamie Campbell (Kristen Connolly) continued their investigation, the behavior of the big cats in the zoo began to act up. In Paris, Chloe Tousignant (Nora Arnezeder) dealt with work and her personal life, and was recruited to help out a team within the French Secret Service, whom she worked for, as there had been a case reported in Slovenia of dogs attacking humans. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Mitchell “Mitch” Morgan (Billy Burke) telling Jamie Campbell (Kristen Connolly), who called up animal control regarding the cats up in one tree, that the cats were all there due to the honeysuckle plant growing at the base of the tree. However, they later had a lot of explaining to do to animal control after the cats suddenly all went back to their respective homes.

In Botswana, Jackson Oz (James Wolk) was freed by Captain Kavimba (James Moses Black). He was about to get Chloe Tousignant (Nora Arnezeder) number so that he could contact her during his investigation into the lions. It was when he received a missed phone call from Abraham “Abe” Kenyatta (Nonso Anozie), as the lions had accidentally pressed lightly on his cell phone. It had fallen from his perch on the limb of a tree, where the lions had left him.

Together with Kavimba, they managed to get him out of the tree before the lions could pounce. As they left, Kavimba realized that the lions hadn’t tried to pounce on them at all.

Back in Los Angeles, as Jamie confronted her landlord who gave her an ultimatum to pay her rent as she was behind on it. Yet again, somebody hacked into her laptop and cloned her hard drive. She then went to Mitch after his class. She told him that she had found evidence that Reiden Global’s pesticides really could have affected the behavior of the lions. He then discovered that she was bent on bringing Reiden down as they had destroyed her home town. Afterwards, at the zoo, after Jamie realized that a zoo worker named Aspen (Lindsay Broad) liked Mitch, she got her to help them out by giving them another lion so that Mitch could run some tests on it.

Back in Botswana, while Jackson’s mother, Dr. Elizabeth Oz (Bess Armstrong) tended to Abe, Jackson watched one of his father’s old videos in which he talked about how one day, animals would recognize that they shouldn’t be afraid of humans and fight back.

Jackson then tried to tell his mother about this, but she refused to believe anything that his father said. It was until she realized that the twenty-two people who had died had been killed in a strange manner. Instead of going for the throat, as lions typically did, they severed the femoral artery of each victim, making them die a slow and very painful death. Because of this, Elizabeth told her son that his father might have been right, and told him that the other videos were on flashdrives in Japan. Afterwards, he left with Abe, who insisted on coming with him.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Chloe went back to work at the French Secret Service, and became emotional after her sister, Nathalie (Natalie Mejer) showed up at work, as she had been avoiding her calls, as Nathalie had slept with her fiance.

In Slovenia, a couple adopting a little boy brought him to the circus. They  bought him a small stuffed tiger to play with, after watching the tiger act.

Back in Los Angeles, during the test on the lion cub that Aspen had brought them, Mitch detected that it was exhibiting brain activity that wasn’t supposed to be there. Then, the lion cub began to wake up and began to make several sounds as the rest of the zoo’s big cats began acting up. Mitch then hypothesized that the cats might be communicating with each other.

Later that night, in Slovenia, the couple finally signed their adoption papers. However, the hotel’s pup got the little boy’s stuffed tiger, which prompted the new father to follow the dog to retrieve it. However, the dog led him into a run- down shack, where other snarling dogs were waiting for him. He then became scared after seeing the bodies of other mauled people. Afterwards, the dog who had gotten the tiger then entered the room of the mother and son, and went beside the little boy.

Back in Paris, Gaspard Alves (Henri Lubatti), who worked for another branch of the French Secret Service asked Chloe to help them out with a case regarding people being attacked by dogs, due to her experience with the lions in Africa.

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