Zookeepers Immitate Chris Pratt as a Tribute

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Zookeepers Immitate Chris Pratt as a Tribute

This one will surely not go down any time soon. This is probably the second best thing that Chris Pratt has done after Star-Lord. Let alone the fact that he along with his raptors fought the goliath like monster Indominus Rex but it seems like fans find him training his raptors and saving an associate from them more adorable. The moment in the movie when Chris’s character Owen Grady enters the raptors cage and calms them down in an authoritative tone is blowing up the internet in popularity. Zoos and aquarium’s everywhere are imitating it and there are memes everywhere with zookeepers giving the technique a name as well.

Yahoo! Movies reported that Zookeepers have been posting pictures of themselves in the same pose as the actor and posting memes in what is being called “prattkeeping”. These memes are so popular that zookeepers keep on clicking pictures with their animals till the time they don’t nail the perfect pose. To much delight, it is in a way effective on the animals to some extent.

Twitter is flooded with prattkeeping memes from various parts of US. In Lion Country safari in Florida, one zookeeper recreated  the scene with Southern white rhinos which got about 313 retweets. In a Georgia aquarium, a keeper named his otters as Veloci-otters and the result is adorable. The otters seem to be imitating their keeper by doing the same move. The tweet says “Who needs Raptor squad when you have Veloci-otter?” One of them recreated the scene with Capybaras at the Palm Beach zoo while one of them even comes from across the Atlantic with an English keeper recreating the scene with chickens!

Trending under #Prattkeeping on Twitter, a lot other versions can be seen on the micro blogging site for entertainment purposes. With the movie grossing over half a billion dollars, fans can’t wait to see the movie’s sequel with Chris reprising his role as the macho raptor trainer.

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Photo source: Facebook/Chris Pratt

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