“Zootopia” Director Byron Howard Unveils First Poster for Walt Disney Animation Studio

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
“Zootopia” Director Byron Howard Unveils First Poster for Walt Disney Animation Studio

Here, we have the first look at the animal metropolis of “Zootopia.”

Walt Disney Animation Studio’s forthcoming animated movie, “Zootopia” has got its first poster, which presents an amazing big city, where the plot is set and yet again features another look at pop star Sharkira’s character Gazelle, cites Comingsoon.net.

Director Byron Howard, who is delighted to cover the talking animal  of Disney, took to Twitter to unveil the first poster for “Zootopia.” Have a look at the new poster below.

After “Zooptopia” teaser trailer only starred the characters against a white backdrop, the poster presents the first look at the city of Zooptopia. If you have a careful look at the poster, you will notice different kinds of visual pun. Such as the hoardings advertisings brands like Lululemmings, Bearberry (instead of Burberry) and the huge advertisement of Gazelle, modeling for Preyda (not Prada) at the metropolis Times Square-esque crossing, while the movie’s lead characters, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde,  are gazing at the city.


“Zootopia” furnishes an animal heaven, where all kinds of critters exist in a harmonious environment at Sahara Square and Tundratown localities. It presents an earth where mankind doesn’t breathe, therefore it is ruled by animals and Zootopia is the coronet gem city for them. Meanwhile Judy Hopps featuring Ginnifer Goodwin, a rookie cop, pair up with Nick Wilde, portrayed by Jason Bateman, a conman fox to resolve a critical case.

Recently in an interview with Yahoo Movies, Byron Howard disclosed that to make the movie stand out from other animal movies, Disney Animation head John Lasseter had sent the filmmakers to Africa to observe animals. Howard said, “We came back completely changed because that environment hasn’t changed in 50,000 years. To see the sociology and the society that animals have there, it’s really interesting to see parallels in our own society.”

Disney has slated to release “Zootopia” on March 4, 2016.

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Photo Source: Facebook|Zootopia

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