‘Zootopia’ Disney Movie: Shakira, Jason Bateman, And Goodwin Joins Voice Cast; Release Date Revealed

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
‘Zootopia’ Disney Movie: Shakira, Jason Bateman, And Goodwin Joins Voice Cast; Release Date Revealed

“Zootopia,” one of the best upcoming Walt Disney Animation movies, includes Grammy Award Winner Shakira as the voice cast for the character of Gazelle. The film is set to release in March, next year.

According to The Bitbag, Disney introduced their new movie “Zootopia” at the biannual D23 convention at the Anaheim Convention Center in California where some of the upcoming films were showcased.

“Zootopia” is a story about a society where we could watch the animals could talk and walk like human beings. In fact, they would be seen in their own style of clothing in the film. According to the filmmakers, the film is about “biases and stereotypes,” reported the source.

Phil Johnston, the screenwriter of the film, said that in the film, bunny Judy Hopps would be a real optimist and she would abide and live her life by the mantra “anybody can be anything” that is followed in Zootopia.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Shakira, the Grammy Award Winner, would join the film to voice the biggest pop star character – Gazelle. Jason Bateman would be the voice cast for the role of Nick Wilde, a fox. Goodwin would the voice cast of the bunny called Judy Hopps. The source also reported that Shakira would also join the movie “Try Everything” for a new original song.

The source further reported that Bryon Howard and Rich Moore would be the directors of the film “Zootopia,” and Jared Bush would be the co-director. The upcoming film would be released on March 4, 2016. Howard is known for “Tangled” and Moore is popular for his work “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Are you not excited to watch this new Disney Animation movie that lets you see animals talking and walking like humans? We are sure “Zootopia” would take you to a new environment filled with human-like animals.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Zootopia

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